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Tulsa Power Wireline units are used for running and retrieving downhole tools, performing light duty wireline and fishing operations. Compact, lightweight, low maintenance yet fully functional single drum wireline unit housed in a robust frame with stainless steel engraved control console. A counter head assembly is mounted on an automatic or hand wheel operated spooling traverse at the front of unit. Integral fork-lift pockets and single point lift is provided for ease of crane handling. Ergonomically designed with all controls and unrestricted view of action on the rig floor for the operator is ideally suited for small footprint and lightweight needs. Rig hydrualic powered, electric and/or a dedicated HPU may be provided. Systems are available for up to 25,000 ft of 0.125 in wireline, braided or conductor. 

Models Adjustable Disc or Drum Brake Traverse Assembly Manual Transmission Weight Indicator Powered
WLTU-15/20E (Economy)Capacity:15,000 ft. - 20,000 ft4,572 m - 6,096 m  Yes  Manual No No Rig
WLTU-15/20HD (Heavy Duty)Capacity:15,000 ft. - 20,000 ft4,572 m - 6,096 m  Yes  Manual Yes No Rig
WLTU-15/20 Elec/Hyd (Electric over Hydraulic)Capacity:15,000 ft. - 20,000 ft.4,572 m - 6,096 m  Yes  Automatic Yes Yes Self-Contained

Technical Specs


  • Oil field tested and approved
  • Heavy duty welded drum construction offers long operation life
  • Guards on all rotating parts including around front and back of drum to minimize unsave pinch points
  • Removeable access on all four (4) sides of unit for easy access during routine maintenance
  • Urethane wipers available to mount to top of machine to minimize debris entering the traverse assembly 
  • Safety glass available to mount to top and back of unit for improved operator protection
  • Operator-adjustable drum or disk braking with lever actuation
  • Carbon or stainless steel wireline available to be wound onto unit by factory prior to shipment
  • Manual or Automatic Levelwind system available to traverse wireline across the face of the drum

Available Drive Systems

  • Hydraulic rig powered open loop system offeres a wide range of speeds and tensions.  Flow required is 15GPM at 2,000PSI.  Drive system rated for 2,500PSI.
  • Electric Powered 20 HP explosion proof AC vector duty drive
  • Electric hydrualic powered units offer on-board closed loop hydraulic system, 15HP motor coupled with transmission
  • Gas and diesel drives available upon request 


  • No down time waiting on wireline service truck
  • Ergonomical design, ideal for ease of operatorating
  • Small foot print and light weight


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