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Shaftless and shafted spoolers are available for rewind, cable repair and deployment applications for inside or outdoor or shipboard use. Spooling equipment available for 1/64 in. to over 20 in. diameter products on 18 in. to over 30 ft. flange diameter reels. Electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, gasoline and/or diesel powered systems are offered. Rigorous testing is standard, specified certifications may be offered. Spoolers have been built for virtually any type of product from ESP cables, wireline, slickline, communication cables, fibre optic cables, wire rope, umbilical cables, seismic cables, mooring line, coiled tubing, etc. A specialty spooler may be built for your application. Shaftless spoolers are faster, easier and safer to load, by eliminating the shafts the spooler picks up reel from the arbor holes; typically, via pushbutton controls. If the application requires periodic reel change-out, shaftless should be considered.

Models vary dramatically depending upon application and environment.  Please consult Tulsa Power to receive further information regarding the standard models of the equipment that may best suit your spooling and respooling needs.

Technical Specs


  • Heavy-duty tested and approved frame
  • Frame includes four (4) point lifting eyes and fork lift pockets upon request
  • Equipment can handle 1/64" material to 20" in diameter material as well as over 30' flange diameters
  • Dual directional modulating hand valve with pressure guage provides speed and directional control on selected models
  • Control console with labels
  • Guarding to protect operator from rotating parts and other unsafe areas
  • Three part oilfield paint system offers long life and professional appearance
  • May be designed for any working enviroment

Available Drive Systems

  • Hydraulic rig powered drive systems
  • Pneumatic rig powered drive systems
  • Electric drives offered to fit specific needs
  • Gas and Diesel drives available for specific applications
  • Controllable speed and torque offer increased safety and effciency


  • Powered Spoolers & Respoolers offer increased SAFETY by preventing over-run and taking up slack
  • Is a more efficient way of deploying cable on site

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