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Tulsa Power Drill Line Spoolers are designed to store and unwind rotary drill line safely and efficiently.  These high quality, innovative spoolers were developed by working closely with drilling contractors with the overall rig objectives in mind, to improve operator safety. 

The drill line spooler is powered in either direction, minimizing over-run and manual handling of the drill line promoting safer and more efficient handling.  The drill line reel is captured by the spooler, which removes the possibility of the reel coming off the stand. The spooler is designed to prevent turning of the reel when not in operation or during transport.  Offshore units are specially designed for long life in corrosive environments with offshore paint systems, stainless steel control panels, fasteners and unpainted components.  

Heavy duty, seal welded frames assure long life in the offshore oil-field environment.  Frames include certified lifting lugs and optional forklift pockets.  Bronze bearing shaft supports offer long life and easy reel change-out.  Offshore packages may be provided with ABS approved shipping slings and ABS certification.  Rig hydraulic, pneumatic and electric drives are available.  Shipping cradles to deliver full reels to the rig are available. 

A Drill Line Spooler can be designed for exact requirements.

Units Drill Line Reel Capacity Total Weight
Model Size
In. (mm)   
ft. (km)
MAX. Flange
In. (m)
MAX. Outside
In. (m)
Approx. Loaded
lbs. / kg 
TUAF-30 1 3/8 (34.9) 7,500 (2.3) 90 (2.3) 62 (1.6) 34,200 / 15,513
TUAF-45 1 3/4 (44.5) 7,500 (2.3) 100 (2.5) 70 (1.8) 55,500 / 25,174
TUAF-60 1 3/4 (44.5) 10,000 (3.0) 108 (2.7) 75 (1.9) 73,400 / 33,294
TUAF-80 2 (50.8) 10,000 (3.0) 120 (3.0) 80 (2.0) 92,100 / 41,776
TUAF-120 2 (50.8) 15,000 (4.6) 128 (3.3) 80 (2.0) 130,600 / 59,239

Technical Specs


  • Heavy-duty oil field tested frames and certified lift eyes with optional forklift pockets
  • Oil impregnated bronze bearing material to support shaft and enables quick, easy reel change-out
  • Dual directional controls with pressure guage provides speed and directional control
  • Control console with stainless steel labels
  • Guarding to protect operator from rotating parts and other unsafe areas
  • Three part oilfield paint system offers long life and professional appearance
  • Controllable speed and torque offer increased safety and effciency

Available Drive Systems

  • Hydraulic rig powered drive systems
  • Pneumatic rig powered drive systems
  • Electric drives offered to fit specific needs
  • Gas and Diesel drives available for specific applications


  • Powered Drill Line Spoolers offer increased SAFETY by preventing over-run and taking up slack
  • Engineered certified and fully tested system offers peice of mind


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